Monday, March 9, 2015

A List of Fun Special Days for Kids

A List of Fun Special Days for Kids
by Susan Stephenson,

As you know, I love to find ways to celebrate any kind of learning with kids. Having a special day for a focus enables us to sneak lots of fun and creating into lessons and activities. I recently published a list of special book-related days we can share with children. Soon, I’ll publish a list of days I’m describing as “important” - ones that focus on the big issues we want kids to ponder.
Today I’m publishing a list of days that are more for fun, and yet have the scope to involve science, study of other cultures, literature, maths, and writing. I’ve added links to my own articles and other web resources. I’ve put these days into calendar order, and added dates where the date is fixed. Be sure to use the arrows bottom right to navigate to the second page of the list.

If you know of another fun day with the potential to engage children in creating and learning, please let me know. I’ll update this list over time, so feel free to bookmark it and share it with others.

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