Friday, March 20, 2015

A List of Important Special Days for Kids

A List of Important Special Days for Kids
by Susan Stephenson,

A few months ago I published a List of Book-related Special Days. Then I shared a List of Fun Special Days for Kids. Today’s list is of the “important” special days we can use as a focus for children's learning, that are not specifically book-related.

It’s difficult to separate Important Special Days from Fun Special Days, and indeed from Book-related Special Days. Why shouldn’t the important days be fun too? Of course they are. But generally I have called the more frivolous special days “Fun” - days like Talk Like a Pirate Day and Dance Like a Chicken Day. Whereas in this list of the Important Special Days, you’ll find days like Harmony Day and Anzac Day, days when we encourage kids to think about, and discuss more serious issues. Naturally books can be involved in any special day, but you’ll find specifically literacy-related days like World Literacy Day in the List of Book-related Special Days.

In the list embedded below, I have not included religious special days and holidays like Christmas, Easter and Diwali as most general calendars show them. I’ve put my chosen important days into calendar order, and added dates and links where possible.

I hope you’ll find this list useful when planning your program of coming events with the children in your care. I’ll update this list over time, so feel free to bookmark it and share it with others. If there are other Important Special Days you want to suggest for this list, please contact me.

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