Monday, March 23, 2015

Creative Prompt for Kids, Start with an Animal

Creative Prompt for Kids, Start with an Animal
by Susan Stephenson,

Here’s a new creative prompt in my series that hopes to inspire some creativity in your kids. You can find more creative prompts for children in my list, embedded below.

* Observe an animal really carefully but from a safe distance. Jot down all the details you notice about it, sketch it, take photos or all three. What does the animal feel like/look like/sound like/smell like? What do those things remind you of? How does it move? Combine your ideas into a poem.

* Choose an animal character to write or tell a story about.

* Let your imagination run riot and invent your own animal. You might like to draw or design it first. Questions to think about: what sort of habitat does your animal live in and how does that affect it? what family of animals does yours belong to? what is its head/body/legs like? what does it eat? what preys on it? how does it defend itself from predators?

* Use some of the elements available in an image editor and combine them to create your own animal. Give it a name and design a habitat for it. I combined elements available at PicMonkey to create my Stinsect, above.

* Gather a group of friends and each design part of a fantasy animal separately. Then put all the parts together to create this strange and amazing creature. Write a description of your animal, or re-draw it, labelling the parts.

* Choose your favourite animal and craft it using recycled junk.

* Design and make an animal puppet.

* Find a photograph of an animal in a book or online, and let it be the prompt for some kind of creating.

* Imagine you’re an animal, hiding from a hunter. Describe your feelings and thoughts. How will you escape?

* If a very grumpy penguin met a curious polar bear cub, what might happen? Get together with a friend and improvise a scene between these two characters.

* Imagine you are a vet or a vet’s helper. Make up a story about the strangest day in your life.

If you’re looking for websites that encourage kids to learn about animals, check out my recent article for Scholastic Parents.

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