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Children’s Book Week 2015 - Challenges for Kids

Children’s Book Week 2015 - Challenges for Kids
by Susan Stephenson,

This is the second of five articles at The Book Chook related to Children’s Book Week in 2015. The first was Activities for Children’s Book Week 2015. Next is Children’s Book Week 2015 - Ideas for Performance, Children’s Book Week 2015 - Ideas for Display, and Guest School Visits in Children’s Book Week. You might also like to browse through ideas in Activities for Children’s Book Week 2014 and Last Minute Ideas for Children’s Book Week 2014.

Children’s Book Week is a wonderful time to celebrate what books and reading mean to us all. The theme for this year’s Book Week is “books light up our lives”. Here are some activities to help our kids engage with that theme:

* What books have lit up your life? Gather the titles together and use a word cloud generator like Wordle, ABCya World Cloud or Tagxedo to generate a cloud of those books. Remember to put a tilde (~) between each word to keep the words in a title together.

* Think about the kinds of fiction books that light up your life. What do these books have in common? What is most important to you - plot, characters, tension, humour, language? If you had to write a recipe for a book to light up children's lives, what would it say?

* Create a song for Book Week by piggybacking onto another song. Here’s a great example from Nashville Library.

* Write a poem about the way books light up your life. There are wonderful poetry resources and tips for kids at The Poem Farm to help get you started.

* Create a diorama inside a cardboard box that represents a book you know. Make a hole in the box wall that’s opposite your diorama. Other students will come to your box and shine a torch through that hole to try to work out what book you have chosen. Experiment with the hole size, position and a torch to get the best result. (Thank you, TL Michelle!)

* Draw a design for a Rube Goldberg machine that incorporates both light and books. Can you think of a way to create a 3D version of your machine? This video has some ideas if you want inspiration. So does this OK Go video.

* Tell people about your favourite book or a book you think will light up someone's life. Some people like to do this via a book review, but other ideas include:

1. Video yourself and your friends acting out a favourite scene from the book, and put extra information in the video credits e.g. title, author, illustrator, publisher, location in the library etc. You can use software like iMovie and Moviemaker to edit your movie.

2. Use a collage of words and images to capture the essence of what a book means to you, and make this into a poster to tell others about your chosen book.

3. Write a speech from a character from your chosen book. Have that character tell about the book from her/his point of view. Use a tool like Voki or Blabberize to present your information. You can embed this on a class blog if you have one.

4. Use a template like those in Comic Life software, your own art work or photos, and speech bubbles to tell about your chosen book.

5. Create an alternate book cover for your chosen book. You can use Read Write Think’s interactive Book Cover Creator to set it up if you like.

6. Create a cartoon or comic using an app or online editor to retell part of your favourite book. (Teachers and parents can find resources for this in my List.)

* Create an ad that celebrates Children’s Book Week, the theme “books light up our world”, your favourite book(s) or the benefits of reading. Here are some things that might help you. Research ads and think about which ones you like, or that you think work well. Some ads tell a story, some have a jingle, some have a celebrity or expert talking, some use animation etc. Decide what form your ad will take - audio, video, print, live performance? Storyboard your ad and think through how you’ll organise it. Do a run through, evaluate that, and decide how to improve it. (Parents and teachers can find an explanation of ad techniques with examples in this video.)

* Create a paper cutout inside a cardboard cylinder that shows someone reading. Add backlighting to the roll(s) to make a beautiful and eye-catching display! See samples here.

* How many compound words can you write in two minutes that contain the word “light”?

* What challenges related to books can you create for your friends?

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