Monday, April 27, 2015

Children’s iPad App, Peek-a-Word

Children’s iPad App Review by Susan Stephenson,

Here’s a really simple iPad word game app for young kids - Peek-a-Word: A Game for Developing Observation Skills.

From the developer:

An entertaining game that helps young children develop observation skills, improve visual perception and learn animals and languages. The animals want to play with you and challenge you to discover the hidden name. Can you guess the name and choose the right animal? Don’t be shy!

The child chooses from the animals in front of him/her to see if it matches the hidden name. When the child touches animal, the game shows if the guess is right or wrong. Once the right animal is chosen, the others disappear and the complete word appears. As children play, they learn the names and environments of each animal: the farm, the sea, the jungle, the savannah, etc.

What I liked: When you’re dealing with young children, it’s great to have a simple interface, and easy, obvious navigation. The focus of the app is for children to tap on the animal represented by the given word. Each habitat is represented by a handful of different animals. So if the child sees 'PENGUIN',  he ignores the polar bear, walrus, seal, squid etc and taps the penguin. Once the correctly matching animal is chosen, a short animation results, and the noise of cheering. Tap the wrong animal and that animal makes a gentle “uh-oh” type noise. But there’s more to it than that, because you can change to one of 12 languages in the app’s settings, making it useful for children learning Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean and so on. I also like that there are no third party ads or in-app purchases, and to see other Dada apps, grownups need to enter given numbers.

All the words are represented by uppercase letters. I’d love it if Dada added the feature where parents/teachers could choose lower case letters as an option instead. The music isn’t obtrusive, in fact it’s quite calming, but it would be nice if it were more child-like, or tunes kids can recognise.

Peek-a-Word is just one of many apps created by Dada. Get more of an idea about Peek-a-Word in the video embedded below.

I'll be adding Peek-a-Word to my lists, Word Fun for Kids, and iPad Puzzle Apps for Kids.

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