Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Children’s Picture Books for Easter 2015

Children’s Picture Books for Easter 2015
by Susan Stephenson,

There’s still time to grab some of these very recently published children’s picture books to help your kids celebrate Easter in fine style!

Those Pesky Rabbits, written and illustrated by Ciara Flood, and published by Koala Books for Scholastic, 2015. RRP: $24.99. It’s not easy living next door to a houseful of cheerful rabbits when you’re a grumpy bear with a Go Away welcome mat outside your house. Luckily Mr Bear learns about being friends and sharing in this fun tale kids are sure to enjoy.

Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole - a modern retelling by Joe Rhatigan and Charles Nurnberg, originally written by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Eric Puybaret, published by Koala Books for Scholastic, 2015. RRP: $24.99. Part of the Alice in Wonderland story is re-told here more simply, while retaining the salient features of the original.

Ten Easter Eggs, written by Vijaya Bodach, illustrated by Laura Logan, and published by Scholastic Inc, 2015. RRP: $12.99. This sturdy board counting book has 10 brightly patterned plastic easter eggs, with each page revealing a newly hatched chick.

Ten eggs.
All is quiet. Not a peep.
Nine eggs.
One chick hatches. 'Cheep, cheep, cheep.'

Where’s the Easter Bunny? by Louis Shea, published by Scholastic Australia, 2015. RRP: $16.99. Some kids want a book that doubles as a game and this is where puzzle books can be great. In Where’s the Easter Bunny?, there’s a brief story set up in comic panels, some text, but not too much, describing each problem, and basket-loads of things for kids to find. The detailed illustrations have so much humour for young readers to giggle over, this is sure to be a favourite!

Little Barry Bilby by Colin Buchanan and Roland Harvey, published by Scholastic Australia, 2015. RRP: $19.99. This is a children’s book with accompanying CD. Colin Buchanan riffs on the Peter Rabbit song , only it’s Little Barry Bilby with a fly upon his nose, and other assorted bush bugs on various Australian animals. I love it when children can hear a song, and follow the words in books at the same time because it’s great reinforcement for beginning readers. Roland Harvey’s illustrations are, as usual, absolutely beautiful!

If Easter books aren't on your needs list just now, be sure to check out the books in my post, Excellent Resources for Anzac Day 2015, earlier today!

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