Friday, April 24, 2015

Let’s Celebrate World Penguin Day 2015!

Let’s Celebrate World Penguin Day 2015!
by Susan Stephenson,

World Penguin Day is on April 25 each year, a perfect time to pause and ponder what we know about these intriguing birds. The last time I celebrated this very special day here at The Book Chook was back in 2011. Today I’ve come up with some more questions to get kids started on thinking penguin thoughts, activities, and a list of resources I found that will help us all celebrate World Penguin Day, 2015.

Questions and Activities for Kids

* What do you know already about penguins? What would you like to find out?

* How many different kinds of real penguins are there? Write a list and two facts about each one.

* Can penguins fly?

* What do penguins eat and drink?

* How long can penguins stay underwater?

* True or false: Penguins fall backwards when they look up at planes. (Clue.)

* What fictional penguins do you know? Put them in order of most favourite to least favourite.

* Can you draw a penguin? Give your penguin a name and design a home for it.

* What penguin jokes do you know? Get together with your friends and create a little book of penguin jokes. You can find some at Enchanted Learning.

* Check out your library’s books about penguins. Share your favourite pictures and facts with your friends.

* Write a paragraph about a penguin with a problem.

Useful Resources

KidZone have penguin facts pitched at primary/elementary readers. They also have activity sheets etc.

ABC TV (Australia) has an excellent DVD called Penguin Island about the Little Penguins on Phillip Island. The website offers video excerpts, an interactive guide - a Year in the Life of a Little Penguin, and a game, Penguin Survival. The DVD is available to buy for $29.99.

National Geographic Kids has information on the Adelie Penguin and the Emperor Penguin. There’s a penguin colouring page within the Animals Coloring Book at National Geographic Kids.

Time for Kids has several Antarctica Printables.

The Wonderopolis Wonder 795 is Why Can’t Penguins Fly and has nice video footage to use as an introduction to children’s penguin pondering.

The websites for Happy Feet and Madagascar have activities for kids, including downloadables.

The NOAA Photo library has CC licensed photos of penguins.

Find penguin clipart at Open Clip Art, My Cute Graphics, and Clker.

This excellent Pinterest board, Antarctica by @2sparkley, has lots of penguin resources.

A free iPad app, Monty’s Christmas, is about a little penguin.

Pocket Penguins is a free iPad app that streams real-time from the live African Penguin exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. Also available for Android.

Game: Penguin Bobsledding at National Geographic Kids.

I’ll be adding this post to my List of Fun Special Days for Kids

Image credits: Penguin reading and penguin with balloons clip art from My Cute Graphics, dodgy penguin drawn by BookChook on Paper.

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