Friday, July 10, 2015

Children’s iPad App, YAKiT Kids

Children’s iPad App Review by Susan Stephenson,

Here’s an app that will have your kids fighting to express themselves! Similar to some of the web tools that make an image talk, the YAKiT Kids app has some extra features children will definitely have fun with. And it’s free (at time of writing this review.)

From the developer:

Make ANY photo talk, just by speaking! Pets, friends, food, family, nature, artwork... anything!

YAKiT Kids allows kids of all ages to let their creativity loose and share their creations with family and friends in a safe environment. Parents and teachers never have to worry as their children let their little imaginations run wild with YAKiT Kids.

• Make quick and fun animated videos with multiple scenes.
• Change the pitch of the voice to make it even funnier.
• Add expressive animated stickers to customize the photos - including facial features, props, characters, and special effects.
• Save the videos directly to your phone to send anywhere

This app is the perfect entertainment and learning tool for the home, in the car, or even in educational settings for teachers and students.

YAKiT Kids won’t collect any personal information or include any third-party advertising, in-app purchases, or social sharing features.

What I liked:

Free is always appreciated and the app is a cinch to use. Once I realised I needed to scroll down in Add This to see the complete range of additions I could make to my image, it was full blast ahead. I chose an image of a Banksia tree from my camera roll, added eyes and a mouth, recorded a short segment on the microphone, then checked it. I edited the result to change the pitch to normal so it could be heard distinctly. Voilà! I had a video of my image coming to life. Kids will have fun with high and low pitches of their voices. You can even add an extra character from the app and tap on each to record a short conversation. The result can be saved to the camera roll, emailed etc. I uploaded my test to Youtube, and you can see it embedded below.

It’s really a short video - maximum 15 seconds, so this isn’t an app kids can use to deliver an address to the school or issue a proclamation. And yes, probably they will think of adding disgusting noises to images of their older siblings. But it might also encourage them to concisely sum up how a book character feels, or express a brief opinion about something that engages them. Kids could create their own art work and bring that to life with the app. If you need an app that will engage kids in some oral language fun and (the potential for) creativity, I recommend YAKit Kids.

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