Monday, July 13, 2015

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Word or Letter

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Word or Letter
by Susan Stephenson,

Here’s another prompt that might encourage your kids/students to create something. What they create is up to them. I might suggest a story, but that story could take the form of a piece of writing, a comic, a storyboard and movie or a composition involving music and dance. Any prompt is a starting point only, and can be changed and improved upon by young learners. Today’s prompt suggests starting with a Word or Letter.

* Begin each sentence of a story with each letter of the English alphabet. For your 27th sentence, start the sequence A-Z again.

* Use the English alphabet to draw a fantastical creature suggested by each letter shape.

* Investigate the alphabets of languages that are new to you. You might explore the shapes of letters, combine them to create something new, or imagine a story that uses one or more of them.

* Combine English or other language alphabet letters to create new and interesting shapes.

* Use play-do or clay to create a word or letter, then add or subtract from it to make it something else. Try the same activity with paint. Try it with wool, string, things from nature, glue, or something else really cool.

* Open the dictionary to a random page and choose a word with your finger. Let that word become the prompt for some writing, or another kind of creating.

* What word comes to mind when you think of something you love? Something you hate? Something you feel sad/happy about? Explore why you feel that way and jot down ideas and other words and phrases that will help someone else understand how you feel. Think how you could create something that gets that message across to an audience. You might think of a poem, a story, a poster, a painting, a dance, a sculpture, a comic strip, a picture book, a booklet, a broadcast, a podcast, a design, a machine, a song, a piece of music, a movie, a slideshow, a play, a piece of theatre, a display for a window, a graphic novel, a list, or a sign. What else could you create?

* Survey your classmates and ask them for their favourite word. Choose the word you like best from the survey and let it roll around your mind. What does this word mean to you? Let the word express itself the way it wants or choose a format from the list just above to interpret that word the way you decide.

* Choose three of the words from your survey and write a story or poem using those words.

* Some words that are concrete nouns - like chair, dog or pickle - are easier to create than abstract nouns - like love, peace or terror. Get together with your friends and create a list of as many abstract nouns as you can. Choose one to interpret. For example, you might set up a photograph by arranging your friends dressed as wounded soldiers, and adding special effects with an image editor to portray the word “war”. 
* Use an iPad app like Word Pack or a word cloud tool like Wordle to create a graphic representation of a word that is meaningful to you.

* Use the iPad or Android app, Noteography, to choose the right emphasis for the beginning letter of a word that’s important to you. If you don’t have access to a tablet, create a special way of drawing to emphasise that letter.

* Try a combination of a photo you’ve taken and an app like WordFoto to create a picture that displays some words you like.

I’ll be adding this new prompt to my list, Creative Prompts for Kids, on Listly. That list is also embedded below.

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