Monday, August 17, 2015

A List of Visual Literacy Resources

A List of Visual Literacy Resources
by Susan Stephenson,

It’s so important in this highly visual age we live in for kids to develop visual literacy skills. We want them to learn not just to read and write in words, but learn to use visual texts in a similar way. This means thinking about what they see and asking themselves questions like: why did the artist use red for the man’s face? how can I best convey a sense of urgency in my heading? I regularly take my preschoolers on a picture walk through an illustrated book so we can hone in on the pictures. We discuss what we think MAY be happening in the story, how the characters might be feeling etc. In schools, teachers do what they call “deconstructing” a picture - they help kids pull it apart so they can understand what it means.

Today I’m gathering together all the articles I’ve written about visual literacy, both here and at Scholastic Parents Learning Toolkit. You'll find them embedded in the list below. 

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