Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Children’s Book Review, Daredevil Duck

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Daredevil Duck is a children’s picture book, written and illustrated by Charlie Alder and published by Running Press Kids in the USA (available in Australia from New South Books. )

From the publisher:

Meet Daredevil Duck. He is afraid of everything. But that doesn’t stop him from DREAMING of being brave. Then one day he is given the biggest challenge of all . . .

Can Daredevil Duck prove that he is the bravest duck in the whole wide world?

Right from the start, kids are going to be attracted to this book. The title and the front cover both scream “fun ahead”! And fun it is. We meet the bravest duck in the whole world, but then discover all the things Daredevil Duck is afraid of - like dark things, fluttery things, wet things and high things. To the point where other ducks tease him and call him “scaredy duck.”

The inside flaps and openings help build suspense, and fonts and comic style panels are used to great effect. The bright red blue and yellow used to depict DD are reminiscent of superhero colours, and kids will love the slightly goofy reality. The whole book is visually exciting and I predict kids will love it.

(If you are a pedant, or know you have clients who may be upset by spelling errors, then be aware there IS a typo in the book - instead of "pedalling", you’ll see "peddling" even though it clearly refers to propelling a tricycle forwards with the pedal. Personally, I think this is a great learning opportunity to discuss homophones, typos and spell check with kids.)

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