Monday, September 14, 2015

Children’s iPad App, LEGO Movie Maker

Children's iPad App Review by Susan Stephenson,

The LEGO Movie Maker app makes it fairly straightforward for kids create a stop motion movie.

From the developer:

-Add and delete frames to your movie
-Choose from 7 different soundtracks, or add music from your library
-Add a color filter to the camera
-Customize different title cards
-Save your movie to your camera roll
-Add text to your movie with custom dialog cards
-Add LEGO sound effects to any frame
-Record your own sound effects
-Edit the duration of each frame

Basically what you’re doing is setting up a photo, taking it from within the app, then moving part of the set a little and taking another photo. Repeat!

What I liked: Free is great! I also love apps that encourage creativity and this one does. Kids will adore creating a story to base a movie on, and the process of movie creation is quite clear and straightforward. The app comes with some music and that makes it easy for younger kids to add a soundtrack. However, as with most apps, I think the best experience will come with families or friends working on their movie together.

Once kids have had a play with the app, I would encourage them to think what story they would like to tell with their LEGO pieces. They need to ask questions like: what props will I need and how can I get them? what background(s) will I need and how can I arrange them? What characters will I have? What will the problem and the resolution be? Can I use special effects to enhance the story? Should I add some captions in the dialogue cards to build suspense or make the action clearer?

Embedded below, you can see the very short test video a young friend and I made with the app and some LEGO Fabuland.

There’s a video walk through of the app here.

I mentioned this app in my article, Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with LEGO. l’ll be adding this post to my list, Creating with Children and iPad Apps.

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