Friday, September 18, 2015

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Blob

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Blob
by Susan Stephenson,

Here’s the next in my series of Creative Prompts for Kids. Find all the other prompts via my list, below.

* Today I propose we start with a blob. A blob begins as almost nothing, but it can become almost anything! Once you have a blob, give it some features. Maybe add a background and some props. Give it a name. What kind of blob do you think it might be? List its strengths and weaknesses. What does it want more than anything in the world?

* Here’s a drawing tutorial from Moose Allain taking you through a much more detailed and helpful process where he starts with a splash of colour. You can certainly adapt his process for blobs.

* Say the word “blob” aloud. Say it again very slowly. Now say it five times quickly. Make the weirdest face you can while you s.t.r.e.t.c.h the word “blob” out. Find partners and challenge them not to laugh or smile when you say it again.

* Let your body become a blob. Let your face become blobby. Move in a blob-like way. Make a blobby noise. Join up with others to become a huge blob hive. Now break away and move to a space that will become your own blobby home.

* Imagine if you were exploring a new place and found a blob. What does it look like? Sound like? Smell like? Feel like? Are there any hints as to what kind of blob it might be? Could it be magical or alien or Something Else? What kind of character does your blob have? How do you get to know it? Is there a problem? What happens next?

* Create a blob who will be the main character in a comic strip. Is your blog cute, scary or heroic? How can you show those things visually? What simple story will your comic tell?

* Make a series of blobs with paint. Let your paint dry, then add detail with ink or black pen. How many different characters can you create from blobs? Give each one a name that seems to suit its personality. If you have time you could give each blob a short description and even make trading cards for them.

* Invent a blob you think people would want to buy as a product. What is it about your blob that makes it valuable to people? Is it useful? entertaining? helpful? How can you persuade people to buy your blob? Will you list its advantages? Will you create a catchy jingle about your blob? Will you interview an “expert” who demonstrates how wonderful the blob is?

* Find some clay or play-do and sculpt a blob or blobby creature. Create an environment for it. What sort of environment would you expect a blob to live in? Desert? Rainforest? Tundra? Urban? What might happen if a blob was taken out of its normal habitat to some other place? How would it cope? What kind of adaptations would it need to make? Consider taking photos of your blob in scenes that you weave together to tell a simple photo story or slideshow.

* List some menu items/activities/book, movie and song titles you think blobs might like. Which ones would they dislike?

* Your best friend in the whole world just happens to be a blob. You want to get him/her a pet as a birthday gift. Describe your struggles to find the perfect pet. How will your problem/story be resolved?

* Design a poster advertising a product with a blob theme. If you’re stuck for ideas, try products like PecPump - the new muscle builder for Blobs, BlobBegone - a way to disappear all the unwanted blobs in your life, or B - become a more attractive blob in 7 days.

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