Friday, November 13, 2015

Children's iPad App, Whose Toes are Those

Children's iPad App, Whose Toes are Those?
by Susan Stephenson,

Here's a simple app that actually rejoices in the name: “Animal Game Show - Whose Toes are Those? - Matching Fun for Kids and Family - Ultimate Edition”. But then, I rejoice in the name, The Book Chook!

From the developers:

Created by teachers and parents, our app teaches animal and people identification while rewarding your little one with animated elephants, penguins, cowboys and more! More characters coming soon!

- Game show host, music and audience feels real!
- Cowboy, Tiger, Penguin and many more!
- Lots of silly dances on stage!
- No ads! No menus! Designed for kids of all ages!
- Once the app starts it never ends!
- Keeps 'em occupied in the grocery store!
- Teaches animal and people identification!

As I said, this is a very simple app that’s aimed at kids under 5. It’s in the format of a game show, so it opens with a fanfare, and the presentation of a mystery animal behind the stage curtain. All we can see are the animal’s toes. After a moment, we see three possibilities and need to decide which animal might own the toes we just saw. After that, it’s the same thing over and over. The developers made an effort to change the animals’ positions, and some of the details though, as the game proceeds.

What I like:

I love the cute animations and crazy music when you choose the correct animal. I also like the whole concept of youngsters being contestants on a game show trying to match toes to animals, while at the same time the game is almost as simple as “peekaboo”.

I do hope the developers can add to the game, as even quite young kids will look for something more, I believe. However, if you want something for your preschooler that’s simple, fun, and with a puzzle element, this might be the answer.

As I have said repeatedly, I believe it’s best to limit the amount of screen time children get, especially kids under five. However I know there are times when a game on your phone or iPad can mean a pleasant distraction for your youngster e.g. when you’re waiting ages in a queue. Whose Toes are Those? is a nice easy puzzle game for under-fives. Kids and older siblings might go on to make their own game shows with toys or puppets, even filming them to send to others.

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