Friday, November 20, 2015

Creative Prompt for Kids, One Little Word

Creative Prompt for Kids, One Little Word
by Susan Stephenson,

One Little Word puts the focus on children choosing one word that is special to them in some way. They might choose a word that explains what they’re striving for this year. They might choose a word that describes them. They might choose a word they like the sound of.

Once they’ve chosen a word, kids think about how they will communicate that one word to an audience. They could choose a 3D or 2D way. They might decide on some kind of digital tool to present the word. They could get a group of friends together and act out a scene around the word, or create a video of clips showing examples of the word.

One Little Word can promote reflection on goals or aspirations. It makes a great project for Year 5 and 6 students at the beginning of the year because it helps students and a teacher get to know each other. It also makes a fine activity for a professional development session with adults.

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