Monday, January 18, 2016

All My Poetry Articles in One List

All My Poetry Articles in One List
by Susan Stephenson,

I know in both my head and my heart that poetry is a wonderful thing for us all. It helps even very young children develop some of the skills they need for reading. It encourages children to play with words themselves. It helps them develop an appreciation for the written word, especially the way a poet can distill the very essence of something into a few, perfectly chosen words. Through learning to love poetry and try it for themselves, children are experiencing first hand the joy of creating with words.

Today I’m gathering together all the articles I’ve written about poetry both for The Book Chook and other websites. Some are about the benefits of poetry; others are about specific poetic forms. You’ll even find mention of some apps and web tools that encourage poetry. Browse through any or all my articles about poetry via the Listly list below.

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