Monday, February 22, 2016

Children’s iPad App, LumiKids Park

App Review by Susan Stephenson,

When your under-fives are ready for a little screen time, here’s an app they can both have fun with, and learn from. LumiKids Park is available for iOS and for Android.

From the developer:

In LumiKids Park, your child can have fun with these adaptive and intuitive activities:

Sorting: Sort squirmy little water critters into their correct water puddles based on color, shape and size, using cognitive flexibility as the sorting rules periodically change.

Visual-motor coordination: While feeding the flying “nom nom” critters, combine the use of several visual-motor coordination skills such as visual processing, motor planning and motor control.

Attention: While playing hide and seek, keep track of multiple darting critters as they hide, in order to find them - requiring a specific type of attention called divided attention.

What I liked:

Free is always wonderful, and I really appreciate the LumiKids Park emphasis on fun. Kids will definitely giggle along with the cute characters they encounter. Children can learn so much through play - there are sorting/matching games, hide and go seek,  and little critters much like Pacman to feed. Inside the park a tap from your child’s finger makes things happen - swings swing and even the sun and clouds change.

I was also pleased to discover the activities would slightly vary depending on a child’s age. Parents are asked to put in a name and age for the child. This makes LumiKids Park much more flexible and targeted. The activities seem intuitive, but I think children will gain most benefit by a parent playing alongside them, talking things over, counting perhaps, and wondering aloud.

Where to find it?

Check out my iPad App Reviews on Pinterest, and find more apps and articles via my Listly page. I’ll be adding this app to my List of iPad Puzzle Apps for Kids. 

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