Friday, February 26, 2016

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Cardboard Tube

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Cardboard Tube
by Susan Stephenson,

Because I love to find ways to excite children about writing (and reading, and learning!), many of my Prompts tend to relate to writing, at least in part. Yet I certainly don’t think that creating with words is the only, or the best, way to create. What I hope is that children can start with one of my prompts, then play around with it until they grab a spark, and take off with an idea.

Some of the prompts I’ve come up with have led children to create in paint, in fabric, by cooking, by sculpting, through choreography and photography. I brainstorm a couple of ideas, but then it’s up to kids to brainstorm more, and choose one they like. They might start with a cardboard creation, then go on to compose a piece of music about it, or invent a character for a play they plan to write. Below today’s post, you’ll also find an embedded List of all my prompts to date.

Today’s prompt is a cardboard tube. You can find them inside packages of paper, but you can also make your own by rolling thin card. Shops that sell material may even have very large card tubes they no longer need or you may find tubes via a recycling centre.

* What sorts of things can you do with a cardboard tube? What does it make you think of? Play a mime game with your friends where each person has a turn to use the cardboard tube to BE something. It could be a comb for a giant, a microphone, or an umbrella.

* What kind of noise can you make with a cardboard tube? What could you do to a tube to make it sound different again?

* What could you add to a cardboard tube to make it become a monster, a pirate or a fairy?

* Use a cardboard tube to represent a famous character from history or your favourite book or movie character.

* Invent a cardboard tube family. Give them names, facial features, clothes, head gear and anything else you think they need.

* How could you build a structure from cardboard tubes? What would make it strong?

* Can you make a maze with cardboard tubes? Try to run a marble through your maze.

* Set up two cardboard tubes as racing tunnels for two toy cars. Experiment with cars and angles to work out how to have the fastest car.

* Look at the shape of a cardboard tube and figure out how to use it to make something useful. Can you also decorate it to make it attractive as well?

* Can you combine cardboard tubes with cardboard boxes and other materials to make a fort or a cubby house?

* If you have a small cardboard tube, you can use it as the neck of a puppet and make a head with a piece of material filled with scrap paper or cotton wool. Think what you could use to make your head secure and how to add features to it like a nose, hair, eyes etc.

Here are lots of hints on how to work with cardboard in case you need some inspiration.

I’ll be adding this new prompt to my list, Creative Prompts for Kids, on Listly. That list is embedded below.

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