Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Children’s Book Review, Box

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Box is a children’s picture book with flaps and fold out pages. It was written by Min Flyte and illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw, published by Nosy Crow in the UK (Australia - Allen and Unwin) (2015). RRP: $Au 19.99.

From the publisher:

What would YOU do with a box? When four toddlers find some toys in cardboard boxes, they have fun with them for a while. But, before long, the friends’ interest in the toys wains and their attention turns to the boxes themselves. What could they do with SO many boxes, they wonder? An inspiring and charming novelty book celebrating the creative possibilities and limitless joy of the boxes.

Kids are invited to play in Box, that’s for sure. They will adore guessing then lifting flaps to discover what’s actually inside a box. But children are also invited to think about the question, “What would YOU do with a box?” Great discussion starter right there. There are loads of ideas in the book, each one more charmingly presented than the last. Beardshaw has used gorgeous patterns, colours and bucket-loads of whimsy to excite young readers’ imaginations. A final cute touch is a gift for children: an origami template that can be folded into a small box. Kids will love this charming children's picture book!

The cardboard box has long been the choice of children the world over to build forts, cubby houses and a million other fun things. Any parent knows that youngsters may quickly grow bored with the contents, but they'll play for weeks with the cardboard box a toy came in. I truly hope children will be inspired by Box to create their own exciting spaces with that simplest and most magical of starts: a cardboard box.

(By the way, Box would be just perfect paired with a Benji Davies’ picture book, On Sudden Hill.)

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