Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Children’s iPad App, LumiKids Backyard

Review by Susan Stephenson,

You may remember I reviewed LumiKids Park in February. Here’s another digital play space by developers, Lumos Labs, and it’s just as fun and just as educational. It’s available in iOS and in Android.

From the developer:

** WATCH FRIENDS CONQUER THEIR FEAR OF THE DARK: What’s making that noise in the dark? Shine a light on the bushes to empower your new friends and observe their emotional responses as they conquer their fears.
** HELP WITH BED-TIME ROUTINES: Help the backyard critter with an everyday self-care routine - the sleepy squirrel needs to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.
** LEARN ABOUT QUANTITIES AND WEIGHT: The gang of raccoon bandits is hungry! Help them get to the pies inside of the house by using the right platforms. Try grouping the different sized raccoons to find equal quantities and weights in order to balance the platforms.
** EXPLORE SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Explore flocks of colorful bugs that all fit together like a living puzzle. Figure out how to arrange the bug flocks on to the leaves, seeing how the flocks fit together based on spatial arrangements.
** USE PROBLEM SOLVING AND LOGICAL REASONING: The garden gnomes need your help making their dazzling mushrooms in their underground factory. Using critical thinking and deductive reasoning, identify what pattern they want you to paint on the mushroom and plan how to use their painting machines to create that pattern.

What I liked:

Free is very generous and will be much appreciated by parents looking for something fun but developmentally appropriate for their children under 5. I also liked the way the app has obviously been well planned. Exploring at night is so much fun, and not scary with a light and friendly critters to meet. Helping racoon bandits steal pies by working out how to lower them is fun too - and kids will incidentally learn lots about balancing and equal quantities. There are heaps more problems to solve and critters to interact with, and the art work and animation are truly engaging.

You can see what I mean in the video below.

Where to find it?

I’ll be adding this app to my List of iPad Puzzle Apps for Kids. You may like to check out my iPad App Reviews on Pinterest, and find more apps and articles via my Listly page

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