Friday, November 18, 2016

Children’s iPad App Review, Farm Story Maker Activity Game

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

Here’s a fun and creative iPad app that’s just right for kids five and under. Farm Story Maker Activity Game encourages children to create scenes with stickers.

From the developer:

Lily's farm is full of crazy ANIMATED critters from chickens to cows to airplanes and pizza! Pick from 9 locations like the PIG PEN or FRESH VEGGIES garden and build any scene you can imagine with 100 funny, cuddly and wild stickers!

...and even more are on the way in future updates!

Just tap and release a sticker to see and hear its custom animation and sound effect!

What I liked: Any app you plan on using with young children needs to work very well, and this app passes with flying colours. Its array of story objects and characters can be navigated with a swipe, and placing elements in scenes is a breeze. There are several available scenes and loads of stickers - animals, people and “stuff”. Each sticker is editable, with zooms, rotations etc, and stickers make a noise and move slightly e.g. pigs trot away and return, each different vegetable makes a strange noise (strange for a vegetable, that is.)

Adults who are tired and jaded may find Lily’s enthusiastic voice and the sticker noises mildly annoying, but I guarantee children will have no such problem. In fact they will delight in creating crazy scenes and listening to the goofy noises each animal makes. I would love it if the scenes and sticker movements were able to be recorded, with voice-over, allowing kids to save the stories they create. This would really enhance the app's educational benefit.

Kids and parents could get the most from this app by creating stories about scenes, discussing things like cause and effect, positional vocabulary and vocabulary about the stickers and scenes. I’ll be adding Farm Story Maker Activity Game to my list of Apps Kids Can Create With.

Where to find it?

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