Friday, March 24, 2017

Children’s iPad App, Create Storytime - Write Magical Stories for Kids

by Susan Stephenson,

Create Storytime - Write Magical Stories for Kids is an app that encourages and supports children in writing digital stories.

From the developer:

With this app you can:
+ Write magical stories.
+ Use professionally drawn illustrations to inspire creativity.
+ Write and keep your own storybooks.
+ Choose from a variety of different themed illustrations (Pirates, Fairies, Adventure, Superheroes, Robots, Animals and more).
+ Help build reading and writing skills by exploring your child's own ideas in words.
+ Additional image sets available.

What I liked:

Some children need scaffolding when they attempt to write a story. Create Storytime supports young writers by allowing them to use supplied sequential artwork to tell their own story. While a story is suggested by the images given, kids can put their own spin on it. Some kids may find it limiting, others will feel secure and enjoy being guided to create a book for themselves. Each image pack is also already available in a model story, meaning kids can read how somebody else developed a plot for those images.

Navigation is a simple matter of choosing the Create New Story option, then choosing artwork and writing on each page. Once kids have finished a book, they can export it. To export from the main “My Stories” screen they tap Edit then select the story they want to share. An email icon appears and another tap creates a PDF of the story they can share with themselves or others. I believe this is a useful app for education, particularly for those kids who need support to write stories of their own. I also like the emphasis on reading, writing and creating as a fun activity for kids.

There are some free sets of artwork supplied, with others available via in-app purchase.

Where can I get it?

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I’ll be adding this app to my List, Creating with Kids and iPad Apps, and also to my List, Tools to Involve Kids in Digital Storytelling.

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