Friday, June 16, 2017

Children’s iPad App, My Felt World

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

My Felt World is an app by developer, Digital Playbox. It is described as “an interactive animated playset.” I love that kids can create scenes with it, and that oral stories and discussion automatically and naturally flow from this activity.

From the developer:

Let your child's imagination take them all over the world! My Felt World uses the soft familiar texture of felt fabrics to create four animated adventures. Feed the animals on the farm! Swim with fish in the ocean! Go on safari or wrap up warm at the North Pole!

My Felt World is accompanied by original music and atmospheric sound effects. Each scene has a set of lovable felt characters that come to life when touched or moved. Double tap them for surprise extras! Scroll the background with a touch of the screen. Learn a thing or two from the Fun Facts page within each scene. Take a picture of your child's latest adventure and save it to the iPad Photos folder - ready to share with friends and family.

There are four different felt worlds: down on the farm, under the ocean, on safari and arctic. Once kids choose a world, they are presented with a felt scene and a visual menu of attractive felt stickers to choose from. Sliding an animal sticker into the scene is a breeze, and it’s cool that kids can still see that same sticker’s indented head shape once it’s removed from the menu. Once their scene is arranged, children can press play to make the animals come to life, listen to music while they create, or take a photo. There are reasonably realistic sounds that accompany each scene too. There’s even a Fun Facts section to read with a parent. (NB This is not meant to be a science-based app, as evidenced by the penguin in the arctic scene. Make it a teaching moment and explain exactly where penguins DO live on our planet!)

I road-tested this app with a delighted three-year-old who loved talking about what she was doing with the felt stickers, and naturally put her finger on one to jiggle it a little while she supplied its voice. We tried all sorts of unusual image making - a snake for a hat, or all the animals frolicking in the water. We had the best fun playing together, and it reminded me all over again how much more worthwhile an app can be when we play and talk WITH our kids. At time of writing this review, the app is $Au1.49 which in my book makes it perfect for kids 3-5 with iPads at home, or in an educational situation.

Where do I get it?

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