Friday, October 27, 2017

Children’s iPad App, Dino-Store

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

Dino-Store is an interactive story app for children about Leo and his father who buy some enormous eggs at the grocery store. It was written by Roger Sedarat and illustrated by Trade Loeffler.

From the developer:

***Now in English and Spanish!***
*** Funny, creative, and beautifully illustrated.
*** 23 pages full of surprises for kids to discover.
*** Read to yourself or follow along options.
*** Easy navigation for kids of all ages.
*** Perfect for classroom, home, or on the go reading.
*** Appropriate for kids on the Autism spectrum too.

What I liked:

I really liked the balance of interactivity to text. The interaction is cute, engaging but not overwhelming. Young readers will be encouraged to continue with the story after a couple of clicks to experience little animations. The story itself has a nice narrative structure as well as humour - I loved the part where the dad insists the store manager take the baby dinosaurs back because he has a receipt! The illustrations support the story and remind me of children’s book illustrations. This is important to me because I think children deserve the best when it comes to both the writing AND the art work.

I think Dino-Store would be a great story to have on your home or school iPad. Young kids can listen to a narrator read it aloud, while newly independent readers can use this feature to support their own reading. Or kids can decide to read it completely independently. If your children are learning Spanish, a story app like this adds another tool to support their language learning.

Where can I get it?

Check out my iPad App Reviews on Pinterest, and find more apps and articles via my Listly page. I’ll be adding Dino-Store to my list of Charming Children’s Story Apps.

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