Friday, November 3, 2017

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Video Clip

by Susan Stephenson,

For any writer, young or old, thinking up an idea for a creative project can sometimes be the hardest part. That’s why I like to find a range of prompts that might get kids started. You can link through to  my whole creative prompt series via the list embedded underneath this article.

I have previously written a Creative Prompt about using video. That article has suggestions for creative projects, and questions that tease out what’s happening in one particular video, Simon’s Cat in “The Box.” Today I want to look at several video clips that can work as prompts. I think they’ll appeal particularly to young writers, who might choose to re-tell the plot of a short video clip, write the story from the point of view of one character, choose one scene to describe in detail, or write about what happens next. But they’ll certainly also make good starting points to encourage the creation of a dance, an improvised scene, a painting, a sculpture, or a song. Many of these short clips are wordless or almost wordless, leaving lots of room for inference.

Of course, almost any video might prove to be the one that sparks an idea in a young creator, but here’s a starting list of varied but excellent short video clips. Teachers and Parents: please watch the video clip you choose first, to make sure it’s suitable for your kids. Some of the comments under videos contain remarks you probably don’t want children to read, and many contain ads.

***Piper is an animated short film that you can check out below.

***For the Birds is an animation with lots of discussion and creative follow-up possibilities. Check it out below.

***In the animated short, A Cloudy Lesson, a grandfather and grandson practise making clouds. Check it out below.

***Ormie the Pig is a very cute animated movie about a pig trying to reach some cookies.
Check it out below.

***Caminandes 1: Llama Drama - Blender Animated Short is very short. Two other episodes are mentioned in the description underneath the video. You can check the first one out below.

***Argine is more slideshow story than a conventionally animated film, but this might inspire kids to tell their own digital story in a similar fashion. Check it out below.

***Here's another 3D animated short, Sweet Cocoon. Check it out below.

***Iguana vs Snakes is from Planet Earth II. This live clip has great tension but it may be too confronting for some kids. Check it out below.

***High Diving Giraffes is very different! Who knows what this clip might insure kids to create?! Check it out below.

***Here's a 3D animated short, Dust Buddies . I wonder if kids might like to create their own dust bunnies? Then what? Check it out below.

***Make the Difference is a longish clip at 5.00 mins + but such a wonderful true story about kids who wanted to play football. It is subtitled in English. Check it out below.

***The Last Knit is another animation. What might this inspire kids to create?

*** I think all Simon’s Cat videos are great. Here’s one called Let me In!

*** KNICK KNACK is an early PIXAR movie.

***The Literacy Shed is a rich source of videos that make good creative prompts.

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