Friday, November 24, 2017

Nine Nifty Writing Prompts for Kids

by Susan Stephenson,

Some of us know how to write, but getting started can be tricky. We’re the ones found chewing a pencil while gazing out the window. Having a prompt to nudge us in a certain direction often helps. Try these with your kids:

* The day you wake up with super powers should be the happiest day of your life so far. What goes wrong?

* You desperately want to write a letter to send a friend an invitation …or a warning. You have no pens or pencils, no electronic devices. What can you use to convey your message? What does the message say?

* You open an old bottle you find on the shore, and a genie comes out. What happens next?

* Write a story about somebody who has a goldfish bowl stuck on their head.

* Create the most convincing argument you can think of to persuade your principal to cancel school for a week.

* A grasshopper, and a pig in a hat meet in the middle of a bridge. Write out the conversation they have.

* Describe the ugliest monster you can imagine.

* Your friend invents a machine that can provide a never-ending supply of treats. What treats does it give? There’s only one problem …what is it, and how do you discover that problem? Draw and label the machine and write the story.

* Invent a comic strip about any characters you can draw or create in digital format. Write a summary of the plot.

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