Friday, December 8, 2017

Children’s Picture Books According to Theme - List of Lists!

by Susan Stephenson,

I have been using Listly to curate my reviews and others’ recommendations of children’s picture books. For example, I have:

Picture Books about Change

Picture Books that Celebrate Diversity

Wordless Picture Books


Hilarious Interactive Picture Books for Kids.

Recently I combined these along with many small lists of animal-themed, family-themed etc picture books. Now it's rapidly becoming a picture book mega-list, and you will find it embedded below. Don't forget to use the arrow at bottom right to navigate to the second page.

If you’re thinking about buying books as Christmas gifts, that’s a wonderful idea! You might like to check out my huge list of suggestions in Fun Children’s Book Gifts for Christmas.

You can also check out all my educational and literary Listly lists, browse my children’s book reviews on this Pinterest page, or click on Reviews top right to find all the reviews I’ve written.

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