Friday, December 1, 2017

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Santa

by Susan Stephenson,

My creative prompts often suggest a specific kind of creating but these suggestions are fine to change or ignore. Creative prompts are designed to nudge kids in the direction of creating something - the something is completely up to them. Today all the prompts have something to do with Santa. You will find all my creative prompts to date embedded in the list underneath these suggestions.

***Write a letter from Santa Claus to some or all of the kids in the world. (Hint: attitude)

***Design a Santa themed meal.

***Create a Santa wiki. Make sure you present all the facts about Santa, as well as mention books, songs and movies about him.

***What if all the Santas in the world were kidnapped? Who might take their places? Tell the story.

***Write a joke about Santa.

***Gather together some toys e.g. teddy bears, and create outfits for them so they fit a theme like Santa and the elves, or Santa and Rudolph, or Trouble at the Toy Workshop.

***Choose a Christmas song and choreograph a dance to it that Santa could do. A group of friends might get together and present the song/dance to an audience.

***Imagine a sad Santa. What might the problem be? How could the problem be resolved?

***Make a Santa sculpture out of newspaper.

***Write a letter, persuading Santa to take you with him on his rounds on Christmas Eve.

***Create a cartoon about Santa.

***Get together with a friend. Improvise a conversation between Santa and your school principal.

***Can you create a cubby that a Santa Bear might like to live in?

You might also be interested in two Christmas themed counting PDFs I have created.

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