Friday, December 15, 2017

Looking Back to October, November, December 2016

by Susan Stephenson,

A regular feature on The Book Chook is where I look at popular posts from previous months and years. Today my focus will be on articles from October, November and December of 2016. Don't forget you can use the right sidebar to find earlier posts, too. Click Creating, Learning, Reviews, Reading, Writing and Celebrating to explore those themes, or try the Blog Archive to browse by months. The Free PDFs button takes you to my website where you can download any of the free educational PDFs I’ve created.

I hope you find something useful here, and if you do, thanks for sharing it with others.

***10 Fun Word Challenges for Kids: “Activities like challenges involving words can be enjoyable AND educational. They can help kids increase their vocabulary, reinforce spelling and rhyming, and exercise all those critical thinking muscles. But above all, they are lots of fun, so let’s encourage students to also invent their own challenges and try them out on their friends. (Some activities could be adapted for younger kids, but I think the majority would be useful with kids 10+.)”

***iPad App Reviews July to September 2016: Link through to browse many of the iPad apps for children that I have reviewed.

***Change: Picture Book Suggestions and Questions: Lots of picture books about change and associated questions to help explore them.

***Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Map: Do your kids love maps? Exploit that interest with this prompt, and browse through the list of MANY more prompts.

***My Top Children’s Picture Books Reviewed in 2016: There are some absolutely stunning picture books here. You might also like to browse under Reviews, or check out my Book Review page on Pinterest.

***Recommended Books for Older Readers 2016 (2) and Recommended Books for Older Readers 2016 (3): Chapter books for children and teens who want a solid but enjoyable read.

***Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Toy: “Sometimes children need a gentle nudge to spark their creativity. Whether they go on to choreograph a dance, create a sculpture from junk or write a play, the most important thing is to encourage them to create something in response to a prompt.”

***Books, Apps and Gift Ideas for Kids and Other People 2016: Christmas is close but it’s never too late to peruse a list of gift ideas, starting, of course, with books! You might also be interested in my children's book gift suggestions for Christmas 2017.

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