Friday, April 20, 2018

Children’s iPad App, Puzzle Pop HD by Duck Duck Moose

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

Puzzle Pop HD by Duck Duck Moose is a new puzzle app for kids I discovered recently. I have previously reviewed Draw and Tell HD by Duck Duck Moose, Superhero Comic Book Maker by Duck Duck Moose, and Chatterpix Kids by Duck Duck Moose.

From the developer:

- EXPLORE 27 levels of puzzles for different ages and skills
- PLAY with colorful puzzle pieces featuring dancing animals, flying birds and more
- LISTEN to lively jazz versions of popular children’s songs made exclusively for Puzzle Pop

- Parents' Choice Silver Award - Parents’ Choice Foundation
- Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award

What I liked:

Free always appeals to me. And I love apps that encourage kids to think and solve problems. Puzzle Pop HD has spatial puzzles that start out easy - a picture is split into two pieces and kids need to slide a piece into its correct place. Difficulty increases slowly up to Level 27. I loved the colourful artwork, and gentle animations. The background tunes of familiar nursery rhymes are bright and catchy.

Where do I get it?

I’ll be adding Puzzle Pop to my list of Children’s iPad Puzzle Apps.

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