Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Let’s Celebrate Screen-Free Week

by Susan Stephenson,

Are you looking forward to Screen-Free Week? It will be April 30 to May 6 in 2018.  I enjoy this annual reminder that life can be wonderful without screens, although if I’m honest, I feel a bit jittery too. Like most things in life, I think it’s about balance. It can be useful to check whether we have a balance of screen and non-screen time that keeps us healthy and happy. To help get into the zone, I’ve made a list of 50 fun screen-free activities. I hope you’ll try some or all of them with your children/students!

50 Fun Screen-Free Activities:

build a tower from blocks
race toy cars down a slope
give someone you know a face massage
design a mask
paint the back fence with coloured water
build cubbies and forts
read by torchlight
climb a tree
have a cardboard box-a-thon
lie on the grass and watch clouds

play dress-ups
write, and put on a play
create your own code
make paper boats and float them
play cards
cook damper over a campfire
make a picture using natural materials
play or learn to play chess
build a sand castle or a snowman
bake a cake

make a scarecrow
borrow some library books
ride a bike
sing a song
invent your own currency with natural materials
play a board game like monopoly as a family
make and fly a kite
discuss, research and plan your next holiday
tell stories around a campfire (marshmallows for dessert?)
draw treasure maps

read a book in or near a tree
make mud pies
invent your own dance
find a grassy hill and slide down it on cardboard
learn to weave
make music
invent your own boardgames
make paper aeroplanes and fly them
go for a walk
play in the park

make and walk on tin can stilts
plan and plant a garden
find an old toy and make it into something different
play with a pet
paddle a canoe
invent a game with a balloon and a rolled up newspaper
draw a comic strip
hold a walk backwards competition with your friends
create your own portrait
make clothes for a toy

Find more fun activities that encourage kids to create and express themselves in my Creative Prompts for Kids Series. You might also be interested in checking out my List of Book Related Special Days for Kids, Fun Special Days for Kids, and Important Special Days for Kids

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