Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Children’s Book Review, K9 Heroes - True Tales of Real Rescues

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

K9 Heroes - True Tales of Real Rescues is a collection of stories written by Dee White, published by Omnibus (2017.) RRP: $Au 9.99 PB. I have previously reviewed White’s Reena’s Rainbow and Letters to Leonardo.

From the publisher:

K9 Heroes is an amazing collection of stories of real rescues and incredible animal bravery. Inspired by true tales, this collection of real-life dramas tells of everyday dogs doing extraordinary things: The golden retriever who saved a boy from a cougar attack, the working dogs who save homeless kids, two dogs working as a team to save a boy from drowning and a blue heeler who rescued her owner from a fire.

The four stories are based on dramatic events that happened in real life, and have been well chosen by White. These are not newspaper accounts. They are brought to life for us and most definitely appeal to our hearts, particularly those of us who love dogs. White draws us into the dogs’ points of view so that we readers gain a better understanding of both the canine world, and the world we all live in.

K9 Heroes would be an excellent choice for those wise teachers and parents who want to read aloud to kids, knowing how important it is at any age! I like the way each of the four tales is divided into just a few brief chapters, so it can be serialised in spare moments throughout a day. Dipping into a short story is also appealing to kids who don’t have much time or who are daunted by lots of text. I also know children 7 - 10 who love to independently read animal stories and prefer books about real life situations will grab K9 Heroes eagerly.

White also has some great tips for kids and parents here at The Book Chook. She shares research tips for young writers based on this book in Getting Your Research Right while another popular favourite is Reluctant Readers are Willing Players.

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