Friday, July 6, 2018

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with Some Junk

by Susan Stephenson,

Here is the latest in my Creative Prompt Series. You’ll be able to link to all my creative prompts via the list embedded far below.

Today I hope kids will start with a piece of junk, and use it to spark some kind of creativity. Many of these ideas are practical and craft-based, but children could also go on to write about what they’ve done, make a movie explaining it, or take photographs of their process and turn them into a slideshow. Adults need to discuss safety issues with children, and think carefully about supervision.

Challenge for kids:

The next time you see something that’s going to be dumped, perhaps thrown into the garbage, or dropped into a recycling bin, ask yourself what you could create with it.

* Make a sock puppet out of a sock nobody wants.

* How many useful/beautiful/funny/weird things can you make from recycled paper?

* Make a cubby, a marble maze or an invention from a cardboard box.

* Create a map of where you live, or a fantasy place, with objects you find inside or outside.

* Make tin can stilts out of two identical empty cans.

* Weave plastic strips cut from plastic bags.

* Study a piece of junk really carefully, then try to draw it on paper with lead pencil.

* Make some origami out of scrap paper.

* What could you make out of one or many cardboard rolls? Collect some and start creating!

* Learn how to knit or crochet with scrap wool.

* Can you turn clothes pegs into something else?

* Make a kite from sticks, paper and string.

* Can you create something from junk that will stop your pet from getting bored?

* Find a recycled junk project you like online and make it. You could ask your teacher or parent to check out a site like Instructables with you.

* Can you use stuff people would normally throw out to create a Rube Goldberg machine?

* Make a tiny book from shells and paper. Write your own poetry or tiny story inside.

* Find leaves, petals, pebbles and seeds, or shells and seaweed, and make your own mandala or patterns on a cleared patch of dirt, grass or sand. Take photos of your creations.

* Find some empty jars and convert them into something beautiful.

* Create your own outfit from newspaper or recycled waste. Don’t forget a hat!

* What junk could you use to create a really big, or really small robot?

* What junk could you use to create jewellery? Who will you give the jewellery to?

* Find the books, Mechanica or Aquatica, (my reviews)in your library or check out this book trailer about them. Can you gather junk materials to create creatures like these?

* Gather as many cardboard boxes as you can and create your own city.

* How could you combine several different kinds of junk to create something new?

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