Friday, July 27, 2018

Fiction Genre Poster and Slideshow

by Susan Stephenson,

Today I am sharing some work I have done on fiction genres for primary kids. It started out as a slideshow I made in Keynote with my descriptions of each genre I chose, then morphed into a video when I discovered Slideshow no longer had an embed function. I also made word clouds at ABCya of words we might associate with different genres and created a poster of them you might like to use for reference.

You can download the PDF poster at my website.

You can see my presentation as a straight slideshow at Slideshare.

You can also see the slideshow as a simple video below, or further below, the same video with a soundtrack.

As I said, here's the same video with audio added via Youtubes's editor.

Check out all the PDFs I’ve made for parents, teachers and librarians to use with kids at my website.

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