Friday, August 17, 2018

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with Music

by Susan Stephenson,

This is the latest in my Creative Prompt Series. You’ll be able to link to all my creative prompts via the list embedded below.

Today I’d like kids to start with either the concept of music or some actual music and see where that takes them.

* Sit or lie comfortably, and listen to some music. Let your mind wander or wonder. If the music helps a story unfold in your mind, you might like to record that story in writing, a movie or draw a picture. You choose. If a story doesn’t unfold, that’s fine, the music might suggest something else. You could transform the music you hear into something else. You could create a dance, make a sculpture, write a poem or paint a huge picture - whatever your imagination suggests.

* What if music were a problem? Can you imagine why that might be? Where is this? Who is involved? What exactly is the problem and how could it be resolved?

* Find some music you like and make up a dance to suit it.

* Get together with some friends. One at a time, come to the middle of your circle and make some kind of repetitive musical noise with your voice. As one after another you join in, you make a kind of crazy music machine!

* Write a letter to your principal persuading her/him to allow kids to play music of their choice throughout the day.

* What can you use to create music? Explore some different instruments and ways to play with sounds.

* Take the music from a nursery rhyme you know and make up a robotic movement sequence to suit it.

* Invent something that can make music. Sketch and label your plans and then make your invention.

* What could music taste like? Feel like? Smell like? What colours and patterns would different kinds of music be?

* Imagine a musician came to your street and started to play. What might happen next?

* Describe your favourite music. What is so great about it?

* Create a cartoon about a character that likes very LOUD music. What problems does the character have? What is the resolution?

* What would happen if music were banned in your country? Brainstorm a list of possible consequences and choose one to explore further.

* What music or song would go best with your favourite picture book? Here's an explanation at Mrs Barker's Tea Room.

You might also be interested in all the creative and educational ideas in Activities for Children’s Book Week 2018, which starts 17 August!

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