Friday, August 3, 2018

Update: Free PDFs for Those who Work with Children

by Susan Stephenson, 

I have made lots of educational and creative PDFs for kids this year. They are copyright to me, which means nobody can steal or sell them, but I give permission for teachers, parents and librarians who work with kids to download and use them for free. I've updated the list of PDFs recently to include all the ones that I've made for Children's Book Week 2018 - which starts in Australia very soon: August 18 - 24!

There's no advertising and no catch. It's not fake news. There's no need for a risk assessment. This is my way of doing a little bit to help the wonderful people of this world who work incredibly hard to help kids become independent, creative learners: the parents, teachers and librarians who read to children, encourage them to read, create, write, learn - and have fun with it!

The list is embedded below.

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