Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What’s So Great about School Libraries?

by Deborah Robins and Susan Stephenson, www.thebookchook.com

To those in the know, a school library is a vital resource for students. As author, Jackie French, says:

Yet some still have questions, and others haven’t taken time to think about it.

“If students have Google, why do they need a school library?”

“Our school doesn’t have a library any more, and my kid gets by.”

“A school library - just some place with books where you need to be quiet, right?”

I asked teacher librarian, Deb Robins, passionate advocate for school libraries, to help us understand what a really great school library would look like. She chose to explain with this clever acrostic:

Today, October 16, is an important time to think about school libraries because tonight at 7.00 pm AEDT is the launch of the Students Need School Libraries Campaign. Play "spot the celebrity" while you check out the excellent videos made by the campaign - videos that will be shared widely via social media.

This worthwhile campaign's mission is:

... to ensure student access to high quality school library services. School libraries, and the qualified staff that run them are vital for ensuring that all students are equipped with the research and literacy skills they need throughout their life. Our vision to is ensure that every student has access to a dynamic, well-resourced school library led by a qualified teacher librarian alongside qualified library staff.


The campaign aims to take over social media by getting the hashtag #StudentsNeedSchoolLibraries to trend and having other media take it up. If you understand how important school libraries are for ALL Australian students is, please show your support by:

* visiting studentsneedschoolibraries.org.au

* sharing this post widely on Facebook, Twitter and other social media

* letting us know how you feel by using the hashtag #StudentsNeedSchoolLibraries

If you'd like to download the Thriving School Library poster (above) that Deb made, in PDF format, it is available for free to teachers, librarians and parents via my website.

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