Friday, November 2, 2018

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Seed

by Susan Stephenson,

I love challenging kids to respond to prompts. I am in awe of their creativity and believe it is something to be celebrated. Today I have a new prompt. It asks kids to start with the concept of a seed, and use that as the spark for any kind of creativity. Remember, the important thing is that kids create SOMETHING, so deviating from my suggestions is wonderful! Children may need to be supervised for some of these activities.

Below all these ideas you will see the list of all my creative prompts so far.

* What IS a seed? Make a list of any seeds you know. Do some research to make sure the seeds you listed really are seeds. Draw your favourite.

* Ask an adult to help you buy some seeds so you can grow them into plants. Read the directions on the seed packet and follow them carefully.

* What would happen if an evil villain took all the world’s seeds? How could that problem be solved? Write the story.

* Use paint to dip seeds and leaves into, then print with them. What else could you add?

* Could you use seeds, or the idea of seeds, to make jewellery or a gift for someone?

* Ask an adult to go for a seed walk with you outdoors. Look for seeds in safe places and collect them.

* Go for a seed walk inside your kitchen. Ask an adult if you can have some of the seeds you find. How will you display your collection and share it with others?

* What seeds do humans like to eat? Can you design a meal that has seeds in it?

* What seeds do animals like to eat? Use play-do or clay to make an animal nibbling a seed.

* Using only seeds and glue, can you make an interesting creature? Give your creature a name and describe its habitat.

* Look for different recipes that use seeds. Choose one and ask an adult to make it with you.

* Use different seeds to make an interesting pattern. Look at pictures of mandalas online and make a mandala of your own, using only different kinds of seeds. Take some photos of your patterns and mandala.

* Find a large seed and transform it into something else. Describe your creation in writing.

* Take a photo of your large seed (above.) Develop a character for what you’ve created. Choose an audio recording tool like Blabberize and make your photo come to life.

* Think of a reasonably simple story you could tell about large seed characters. Take multiple photos of large seeds. Enhance them digitally to help tell your story. Use a slideshow or a comic template and your photos to help tell your story. Consider adding speech bubbles, text and other details. You can see an example of one I made here with banksias.

* Collect some more seeds. Paint a tree shape, with a trunk and bare branches, onto a piece of thick cardboard. Glue seeds to the branches to decorate your tree.

* Using a seed for the body, add other interesting details to make a creature. If you have time, create more creatures and an environment for them to live in.

* Find out how to grow something from a seed and record its growth.

* Trace around an interesting shape onto card. Glue seeds inside your shape. Label it and sign your name.

* Imagine a seed circus! Create some acts for your circus seeds.

* Flatten a ball of modelling clay or play-do to make a disk about 1 cm thick. Gently press different seeds into the disk to decorate it.

* Use the idea of a seed, or seeds, to create a digital picture. Lots of software has geometric shapes you can edit eg PicMonkey, Google Drawings, Pages for Mac. Add details to your shapes that make you happy. Save your picture to your computer or a thumb drive.

* Create a comic strip about a seed character. You might like to use this blank five panel comic PDF template from my website.

* What other art could you use seeds for? Stuck for ideas? There are many images online of what other kids have made. Ask an adult to help you search for “making art with seeds for kids”.

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