Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Children’s Book Review, The TinyWing Fairies

by Susan Stephenson,

The TinyWing Fairies is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Suzanne Barton, and published by Bloomsbury (2018.) RRP: $Au 14.99 PB.

From the publisher:

Always on the look-out for mysteries to solve, and finding new adventures around every corner, The Tinywing Fairies are quite the team! Join Pippin, Marthy, Tiffin and Little Ess as they head out into the frosty night to investigate the source of a strange noise that is keeping the fairies from sleeping. Whatever can it be?

A warm and reassuring story about nighttime noises – the perfect comfort for wakeful little ones.

I predict children will be charmed by the lovely fairy world Barton has created. The fairies themselves are incredibly cute, each wearing a distinctive onesie. Two of the TinyWing family have headgear - kids might wonder if these are boy fairies. Each has diaphanous wings. They live in the Hideaway Tree in Dappletree Woods. And what a gorgeous home it is with lots of interesting details for kids to explore.

The story is a gentle one, with the littlest fairy who is scared of a night time noise, eventually taking a starring role. Kids will adore being able to meet the fairies’ neighbours and seeing them all enjoy the Winter Fair.

The TinyWing Fairies would make an excellent picture book to prompt the building of a fairy world at home or in class. There are lots of suggestions online, especially on Pinterest. Kids could use found objects or collect bits and pieces from home to set up a fairy garden and model a house on that of the TinyWing fairies. They could write teeny tiny letters to the fairies, vote for their favourite, and create some more adventures for them.

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