Friday, February 15, 2019

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Machine

by Susan Stephenson,

My Creative Prompt Series has lots of ideas that nudge kids towards some kind of creativity. You can see all the Prompts embedded below. Today I want children to start with the idea or concept of a machine, or even an actual machine, and create something new from there. And don’t forget:

Challenges for Kids:

* What IS a machine? First discuss this with an adult. Next, list as many machines as you can think of in ten minutes.

* Draw a machine made only of straight lines. Now draw one made only of curving lines. Which one was easiest to draw? Which one do you like best?

* Just imagine all the machines in the world banded together, and rose up against their human overlords. Describe what happens. Use your ideas to create a cartoon or a story with the title, The Rise of the Machines.

* Get together with your friends and make a machine with your bodies. Each person joins in one by one, moving some part of her/his body in a repeated motion. When everyone is moving, then each person joins in and repeats the noise his/her part of the machine makes.

Here is a video that shows one way of doing this. Try speeding your machine up and slowing it down.

* Use geometric shapes and lines and only three colours to create an incredible machine. You might like to check out The Incredible Freedom Machines for some inspiration, or think about something that might defeat my Zaptron, below.

* Use junk material to make a robot.

* Dress up a machine to humanise it. Take some photographs of your machine/human hybrid. Give it a name. Invent its backstory. What does it want more than anything in the world and what stops its dream coming true?

* There is a problem in the world and you must design a machine that can solve this problem. What is the problem? How can your machine solve it? Draw a sketch of your machine and label all the important parts.

* Use LEGO or other building material to each design a machine. Display your machines somewhere safe.

* What would a war machine look like/sound like/smell like/feel like? How could you communicate the idea of war to someone through a drawing? How could you do it through drama or dance or sculpture or some other way? Choose one of these and go for it!

* Follow the same patterns as the one just above but this time with a peace machine.

* Design a cake with a Machine theme.

* If you could transform your washing machine, what might it become?

* Just imagine one morning you woke up transformed into a machine. What kind of machine are you? Are there any problems with being a machine like that? What good things might there be? What happens next?

* Draw plans for a machine you would like to invent.

* Imagine a machine called Trick or Treat. Describe and draw it. Label its parts.

You might also like to check out my list of Creative Children’s Book Week Resources.

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