Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Let’s Celebrate World Book Day

by Susan Stephenson,

Tomorrow, March 7 2019, is World Book Day. Let’s Celebrate!

There are lots of resources at the UK World Book Day website. Although it’s too late to register with them, there is nothing to stop children and adults celebrating World Book Day anywhere, anytime in the world, whether at home, school or work. Below are some ideas for discussions and activities.

* Why do we need a World Book Day? Do you think each country in the world would celebrate it in the same way?

* How could you and your friends celebrate World Book Day?

* Ask significant adults in your life just why books are important to them.

* Giving books to others who need them is a great way to celebrate on World Book Day. How could you do this?

* Compile a list of class favourite books and display it.

* Challenge another class to read more books than yours during World Book Day.

* World Book Day would be a lovely time to pack a picnic and your favourite books and head outdoors. Too busy during the day? How about a picnic at dinner time?

* Write a menu for a World Book Day picnic.

* At bedtime, turn the lights out and read by torch-light.

* Create a poster that communicates the importance of books and reading.

* Have a book swap event and find some new favourite reads.

* Compile a display of favourite quotes about reading and books.

* Write a newspaper article about something that happened in a book you have read.

* Collaborate with friends to write your own book.

* Little ones might like to invite their dolls and teddies to celebrate World Book Day with a party and a shared read-aloud.

* Older kids might like to design a book mark, or a book cover for the book they would most like to read.

* Dressing up as a book character can be fun. Or making a craft inspired by your favourite book. The World Book Day website has stacks of great activity ideas.

* What else could you do to celebrate books and the joy of reading?

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