Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Children’s Book Week 2019, Activities and Resources

by Susan Stephenson,

Children’s Book Week in Australia is August 17 - 23, 2019. The theme this year is Reading is My Secret Power.

Here are some prompts to start discussions with kids:

🔆 How can reading be a power?
🔆 How can reading be a secret power?
🔆 What is the difference between a secret power and a super power? Could reading be both?
🔆 Why would somebody want to keep a power secret?

Here are some ideas for educational and creative activities for kids, based on the theme:

💥 Tell someone about your favourite book. What makes it so good? Write several sentences/paragraphs about your book so others can discover it too. You might like to read the tips in my article, How Do Kids Write a Book Review? 

💥 Imagine a day when you must cover up the fact that reading is your secret power. How do you dress? How do you act? Create a costume that would help someone whose secret power is reading to disguise themselves.

💥 Think up a situation where a character solves a big problem by being able to read. What is the problem? What is the resolution? Tell the story.

💥Lots of stories have secrets in them. Explore your library and try to discover books that are about secrets, or that have “secret” in the title. How many secret” books will you read?

💥Write an advertising jingle that sells reading as a secret power. Get together with some friends and perform your jingle for an audience. How will you know if your communication is effective?

💥Reading truly is amazingly powerful. Design a poster that communicates the power of reading to change people’s lives.

💥 Because you have reading as your secret power, you have a great imagination. Let’s put that imagination to work! Imagine that one day you stumble across a hidden valley, a place so secret that you are the first person to find it. What does it look like, smell like, sound like? What kinds of creatures live here? Make up some interesting names for all these different creatures. Perhaps there are some really strange ones like Galoppalegs or Lubadups. Draw a picture about your secret valley, and don’t forget to draw and label your creatures!

➽ Teachers and librarians, if you're new to Children's Book Week celebrations, check out the Book Week for Beginners site for display and celebration ideas, character parades and more!

Here are some resources I have made this year for teachers/librarians/parents to use with students:

NB: All of my Children’s Book Week resources are free to use for teachers, librarians and parents who work with kids.

1. This first group of resources is three quizzes designed as a way for students to become familiar with the books chosen as Notables by the CBCA. Children should look carefully at the book covers on the long list page to solve the clues in the PDFs. How many of these books have they read, or plan to read?

Quiz based on CBCA Notables - Find the Book (Older Readers) PDF
Quiz based on CBCA Notables - Find the Book (Younger Readers) PDF
Quiz based on CBCA Notables - Find the Book (Picture Book of the Year) PDF

Download these PDF quizzes here

2. The next group of resources is brightly coloured posters you might like to use to keep Book Week front and centre in people’s minds, or for Children’s Book Week displays.

Download these PDF Posters here

3. The next resource is a PDF where kids can work out their secret agent code name.

Download Secret Agent Code Name PDF here

4. The final 2019 resource is a “top secret” PDF document explaining to kids that they must become secret agents, develop skills and defeat MMAR (Mischief Makers Against Reading.) Students complete the activities in the booklet.

Download the PDF TOP SECRET Activity Booklet here

You might also be interested in my other Children’s Book Week articles from earlier years, embedded in the list below.

NB: After ten years, sometime in the next few months will be my final time of publishing both The Book Chook, and my own website, so please download any other useful resources from my Free PDFs while they are still available. 

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