Friday, May 31, 2019

Children’s iPad App, PrestoBingo Shapes

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

PrestoBingo Shapes is an iPad app for children from developers Spur Design.

From the developers:

Learn SHAPES! Brought to you by Joyce Hesselberth, author and illustrator of the children's books SHAPE SHIFT and MAPPING SAM. Each animated puzzle hides up to 20 shapes. This game teaches your child circles, diamonds, ovals, rectangles, semicircles, squares, trapezoids, and triangles. Each type of shape is explained and identified. Play a game of hide and seek. Some shapes are in plain sight, but some can be tricky to find! Do I spy an oval, hidden in the tree? Do I spy a diamond kite floating in the sky? See how many shapes you can find in each puzzle!

What I liked:

I really loved the artwork. There’s a lovely limited palette in citrus flavours. I also really appreciated the way the illustrator had made an effort to alter sizes, colours, details etc to make kids really persevere and search for shapes. While it is at its heart a puzzle app, it also helps kids learn to identify geometric shapes. It is also an easily navigable app. Some of the puzzles are trickier than others, and there’s a voice that encourages kids to keep searching to find ALL the shapes. Kids can  click on an information button to find out more about the shapes. I can see preschoolers playing with the app, but it is not too easy for K-2.

It would be nice to know how many shapes need to be found in each puzzle - there is no way of knowing if you have them all until a little animation occurs and the screen changes to the next puzzle. I believe young kids will benefit from playing this app with a parent or another adult who can discuss the puzzle illustrations with them. I suspect many children will be inspired by the artwork to want to go on and look for shapes in their environments as well as to create with them. I'll be adding PrestoBingo Shapes to my list of Intriguing iPad Puzzle Apps for Kids.

Where to get it?

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