Friday, May 24, 2019

Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Secret Power

by Susan Stephenson,

Because the Children’s Book Week theme for 2019 in Australia is “Reading is my Secret Power”, I’ve brainstormed some prompts that use the idea of a “secret power” to nudge kids towards some kind of creative activity. The deal is to use my ideas simply as a springboard to any kind of creativity, and the more, the better. 

Whether kids are drawing, composing music, designing graphics, embroidering, sculpting, choreographing, writing, telling digital stories, decorating a cake, making a movie or designing the set for a play, they are thinking creatively and expressing themselves. And that’s just as exciting as having reading as a secret power! Far below, you’ll find the list of all my other creative prompts.

* If you could choose any one secret power, which one would it be? Would you choose super strength? The ability to fly? The power to read minds? Write a list of all the good things about your power. Now write a list of the problems it might cause. Which list is longer?

* Secrets are important. But sometimes we trust a few people with a secret. Write a list of people you would trust with a secret and keep the list somewhere secret.

* Which superheroes do you know that have secret powers? What makes a power secret anyway?

* Work together with your friends to create a list of special powers that could also be secret powers. Have a vote to choose the top three secret powers.

* Make a play about a character with the secret power of being able to transform into an insect.

* Choose a simple catchy tune and change the words to something about a secret power. Teach your new song to your friends and work out a way to present it to an audience.

* Create a cartoon about a character who believes he/she has a secret power, but doesn’t.

* Paint a picture of yourself using your secret power(s).

* Imagine a machine that can give people secret powers. Draw your machine, and label it.

* What if you had the secret power to walk through walls? What might go wrong? Create a cartoon about it.

* List some secret powers. Now invent a name that would go with each. For instance, one secret power a hero could have might be being able to transform into reptile form. Her name could be Leapin’ Lizard Woman. Choose one hero from your list, write a description about them, and draw them.

* Imagine that you had a secret power where everything you touched turned to gold. How would you feel? Would you be excited, happy, feel safe? What sort of problems could you have? Write the story.

* Bake a cake and decorate it with a secret power theme.

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