Friday, May 3, 2019

Let’s Celebrate World Turtle Day

by Susan Stephenson,

World Turtle Day is celebrated on May 23. I know you’re as excited as I am! In the lead-up to this special day, let’s think of ways we can help kids celebrate it, and gain a better understanding of these wonderful reptiles. World Turtle Day is already in my list of Important Special Days for Kids, which you'll find embedded below.

Learning about Turtles

* Did you know a turtle belongs to the reptile family? What other animals do you know that are part of this family?

* Check out your library and do some reading about turtles.

* Draw a picture of a turtle and label its important features.

* What different habitats do turtles live in?

* Are all turtles exactly the same? Make a list of different kinds of turtle.

* What noises do turtles make? Can anyone in your class do an impression of a turtle?

* How is a turtle different from a tortoise? Generally the convention goes that tortoise applies to the land-dwelling creatures and turtle applies to those that live in the water. We sometimes see turtles on the land near water though. Look at some drawn images of turtles online and see if the artist might have mistakenly drawn a tortoise.

* Some species of turtles are becoming extinct. Why might this be?

Creative Activities for Kids

* Can you draw a cartoon turtle and create a short cartoon about him/her?

* Use recycled materials to create a turtle family for your classroom.

* Design a menu for a turtle-themed party. What games could you play? How might you bake and decorate a turtle cake?

* Create invitations that invite your friends or imaginary people to a turtle party.

* Imagine a superhero turtle. What is it called? What is its side-kick called? What adventures do they have? Uh - oh! What goes wrong?

* Draw an outline of a turtle in lead pencil. Divide the inside into sections and fill each section with doodle patterns or zentangles. Go over the lines with colour, or keep it black and white.

* Write a diary entry for one day in a turtle's life.

* Here are some turtle pages to colour.


The Australian Museum has information about Australian turtles.

The US Humane Society has information too.

Nat Geo Kids has facts about turtles.

Sea Turtle Conservancy has games, quizzes and printable activities about turtles.

The San Diego Zoo website has excellent information about the Galápagos tortoise.

SLOActive has all the appalling facts about plastics pollution in the ocean and what we can do about it.

Below is a video of green sea turtles hatching.

Below you will find more special days you can celebrate with kids.

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