Friday, June 14, 2019

Let’s Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

by Susan Stephenson,

Grandparents are great, aren’t they? Lots of countries have a special day to celebrate that. In the USA it’s September 19, 2019 and in Australia it’s 27 October 2019. But of course any day can be set aside to remind us all how special grandparents are, and how very fortunate WE are to have them in our lives.

Whichever day you choose to call Grandparent’s Day, here are some ideas to help you celebrate. And below you will find a list I’ve begun to create featuring books about grandparents.


* All family members love to see what kids do in school. Why not invite them to your classroom as special guests for a session one day. My experience suggests making it a defined amount of time that maybe adjoins a lunchtime or morning tea.

* Prior to this session, kids could create portraits of their grandparents and display them!

* Invite some grandparents to come and talk to the kids about life when they were young, and how things were different and the same.

* Create a class or library display of things that may have been used by grandparents or great-grandparents.

* Visit a museum where children can see clothing, transport, cooking items etc from earlier times.

* Are there grandparents who would help out by sharing a favourite book or magic trick, or with a class cooking or gardening session?

* Have kids talk about, write about and draw their grandparents or someone older than their parents who is important in their lives.

* Older kids could make a presentation about a grandparent. Will it be a multimedia presentation? Questions to get kids started might be: What do we know about Grandpa/Grandma? What is his/her favourite thing to do, or place to visit? What are his/her hobbies? What does he/she like to say or do to make us laugh? What is special about my grandparent?

* Challenge children to make a gift for a grandparent. Will they make a card? A poem? A comic? Perhaps they could decorate a pot or make a peg basket.

* If you have iPads, check out the Grandma and Grandpa apps by Fairlady Media. You can find my reviews for these apps and others on my Pinterest page.


Below you’ll find a list of some books I would recommend to help you celebrate Grandparent’s Day with kids, or just to celebrate our good fortune in having them part of our lives.

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