Friday, July 12, 2019

Let’s Celebrate Make a Hat Day

by Susan Stephenson,

Make a Hat Day is January 15 in the USA. There’s a Hat Day in Australia on October 7. But any day we choose is a wonderful time to celebrate the fun and practicality of hats. Indeed, the hat is an excellent concept to base all sorts of learning activities around. Teachers can bring in Sun Safety, History, Art/Crafts, Performing Arts, Literature and more.

Activities for Make a Hat Day

Design a hat relay. How many teams? How many people per team? What is the aim of the activity? Will there be a winner? Is it a competitive or co-operative activity? What will make it enjoyable?

What can we find in the house/outside/in the playground that we could wear as a hat?

Create an imaginary hat and improvise some dialogue about it with a friend.

What craft materials, found objects, natural things can we find that we can turn into a hat? Make that hat!

Plan a story about a character who wears a very strange hat. What is strange about it? What characters will you have? How will your story end? If you have time, write your story.

Design a hat from newspaper that you can wear on your head for at least five minutes.

Let’s look at hats from the past and reflect on how we can use those ideas in a hat we want to make for ourselves.

Who was the Mad Hatter? Ask an adult to help you find the book this character is found in.

Find some books and movies where a hat is important. Some of my favourite books with hats are Pig the Grub, I Got this Hat, Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day , Now that's a Hat by Heath Mackenzie, and Old Hat.

Learn the Mexican Hat Dance and teach it to someone else.

Organise a hat parade. Will there be prizes? What for? Consider things like Cleverest Hat, Fanciest Hat, Character Hat, Craziest Hat etc.

If animals wore hats, what kinds of hats would they wear? Design and label a hat for your favourite animal.

List some different kinds of hats.

Make up a story where a hat is a bad thing. How will your story be resolved?

Design hats for your toys/models and pose them against a background so you can photograph them. Bring the photo to school for a class display.

Bring in some hats from home and choose one. Develop a character who might wear that hat. How does the character walk? Speak? Interact with others? Swap hats and start over. Find a partner and create a scene based on your two characters.

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